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Flying radio controlled aircrafts, or rather RC Airplanes, is increasingly becoming a fad among todayís youngsters. These are small model aircraft that are remotely controlled using advanced radio control technology. Each aircraft is equipped with a hand-held transmitter and a receiver. Usually their power system includes a battery, a motor, a control, and wiring.

Today, RC Airplanes have acquired an international status mainly owing to the availability of smaller, comparatively inexpensive parts and fast-paced development in technologies. The broad range of models and styles available on the market suit the tastes and budget of just about any customer. Also, a significant number of hobbyists are flying electric powered craft instead of fuel-powered ones, mainly because they are easier to construct and they donít require fuel consumption.

Scientific, government, and military organizations are extensively using these types of aircraft for various purposes such as experiments, weather readings, aerodynamic modeling, testing, and even as drones or spy planes. To avoid radio interference, many countries allot exclusive frequencies for these aircrafts.

There are many different types of radio controlled aircraft such as park flyers and trainers for beginners, glow plug engines, electric powered and sailplane aircraft for advanced pilots and jets, pylon racers, helicopters, auto gyros, 3D aircraft, and other high end competition aircraft intended for expert flyers. There are also numerous ways to construct and assemble RC Airplanes. Today, lots of construction kits are available in the market requiring varying degrees of assembling, cost, skill, and experience.

While most kits are constructed from foam or plastic, others are made from balsa wood. Formers and longerons are used for building the fuselage, and spars and ribs for the wings and tail surfaces. Powerful airplanes with highly intricate designs use solid sheets of wood to build these parts, although some might use a composite wing that comprises of an expanded polystyrene core covered in a protective surface of wood. The lightest models of RC Airplanes are excellent for indoor flight, especially in a windless environment.

The advent of crafts injection-molded from lightweight foam and strengthened with carbon fiber has popularized indoor flying among many hobbyists. Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam planes have high flexibility and are not prone to breaking or damage in the event of an accident or a nose dive. Amateur hobbyists have even conceived a comprehensive array of new model designs that make use of corrugated plastic or Coroplast material. Such models, generally called ìSPADísî or Simple Plastic Airplane Design, are known for their enhanced durability, convenient construction method, and affordably priced materials.

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Do I need a licence to fly my nitro rc plane in Canberra?

I want to buy RC Plane with nitro engine, but I don't know the regulation about modelling. Can anyone tell me what should I prepare before I put my fingers on eftpost machine? :D


G'day Inoeg,

Thank you for your question.

I am not aware of the need for a license. Howeverm, just to be sure I would contact the Canberra Model Aircraft Club http://cmac.org.au/default.htm or Canberra Connect on 13 2281. Canberra Connect is the general contact point for the ACT government


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